35 Favourites for Spring

In mood for spring fever in the mountains? We have compiled 35 favourites for springtime in St. Moritz and its surroundings.
byCarmen Baumann

Carmen is our content manager. As a local, she has known springtime in St. Moritz since her childhood. Her three personal favourites are 12, 16, and 32.

Tips for the Lifestyle Connoisseurs

1. Lunchtime! The N/5 – THE BAR at Hotel Grace La Margna is not only famous for its cocktails (Master Mixologist Mirco Giumelli has won several awards!) but also for lunch.

2. Fondue on the Diavolezza! Enjoy a glacier fondue at 2,972 metres above sea level? You can hardly get more “Swissness”! By the way, until May 5, 2024, you can also do a few runs on the ski slopes before (or after) the fondue lunch!

3. From glaciers to palm trees. A scenic train ride on the Bernina Express from St. Moritz to Tirano. Or to put it another way: From winter and glaciers to sunshine and palm trees.

4. Traditional and rustic. Peppino’s, next to the former St. Moritz Olympic ski jump, combines traditional Swiss cuisine with Italian delicacies.

5. All in one. Café, wine bar and grill all in one: Gianotti's in Pontresina has it all. Always worth a sin: The red wine risotto and the Grand Cru chocolate cake. (open until 27th of April 2024)

6. The sun in your face. Protected from the sometimes fierce Maloja wind, you can soak up the spring sun on the terrace of the Hotel Bellavista. A culinary highlight? The "Baden-Baden" signature dish is saddle of venison with homemade cabbage dumplings. (Open until 21st of April 2024)

7. Spring walk and lunch. Marvel at (and take photos of) the first flowers in the San Gian meadow in Celerina, then stop for lunch at Bo’s Co Celerina or circle back to Hauser's in St. Moritz.

8. Whisky? Whisky! A distillery at 3303 metres above sea level? If you want to learn more about “Orma Whisky” (and, above all, taste it), you can take a guided tour of the distillery. (Open until 27th of April 2024)

9. Pasta and wine. The best place to enjoy both: La Scarpetta in the centre of St. Moritz. A nice glass (or bottle) of Italian wine and home-made pasta promise Italianità at its best!

10. Matcha Latte in Samedan. The Art Café in Samedan is always busy. In the morning for a cappuccino or matcha latte (almost the only one in the Engadin!), at lunchtime for homemade momos or in the evening for an aperitif - the café is the meeting place in the heart of Samedan.

11. The sunny terrace of Bregaglia. Giovanni Segantini said of Soglio that it was "the threshold of paradise". He's right, because the village of 300 souls, with its picturesque streets, the famous Palazzo Salis and its garden, exudes romantic spring splendour.

12. An ice-cream, per favore! One more stop, okay? Then how about crossing the border to Chiavenna. This small town in Lombardy is famous for its historic centre. Enjoy a gelato or an aperitivo in the spring sunshine - la dolce vita!

For the culture lovers

13. The Muzeum Susch is located within historic walls. The monastery was built in 1157 (!), and a brewery was added in the 19th century. Contemporary art is now displayed in the two buildings on 1500 m².

14. Nietzsche’s living room. Friedrich Nietzsche spent seven summers in Sils (1881 and 1883–1888). The 200-year-old Nietzsche House is now home to an extensive exhibition about the life and work of the German philosopher. (Open until 11th of April 2024)

15. A real Engadin house. A visit to the Museum Engiadinais will immerse you in the history of the Engadin. Since 1906, the museum has been exhibiting Alpine culture with regional furniture, weapons and works of art. The building was designed by the architect Nicolaus Hartmann, who is also responsible for the architecture of the Segantini Museum, the Hotel Margna and the St. Moritz railway station. Guided tours are available every Wednesday morning. (Open until 28th of April 2024)

16. A trip to Switzerland's oldest town. The journey from St. Moritz to Chur is an experience in itself. Viaducts, tunnels and ingenious engineering structures await you on the two-hour Albula line of the Rhaetian Railway. The renowned art museum in the Grisons capital is well worth a visit.

17. Private tour of the Mili Weber Museum. With oil paintings, watercolour paintings, painted walls and ceilings, Mili Weber (1891–1978) transformed her home into a total work of art. In short, it’s more than just a house! The museum is a heritage-listed building and can only be visited as part of a guided tour.

18. Dive into history. The St. Moritz Documentation Library documents the history of St. Moritz. You could say it is the memory of the place. The collection includes photographs (especially worth seeing!), printed materials, posters and much more.

19. Visit the castle. Yes, the (Lower) Engadin has a castle, and yes, it’s open to the public: Tarasp Castle offers guided tours several times a week.

Tips for the relaxed and the active

20. Europe's highest padel court. If you prefer to play indoors rather than outdoors, the new padel court in St. Moritz Bad is the place to be. If you don't want to play padel, you can also play tennis or squash. (Open until 30th of April 2024)

21. For the entire family. There is never a dull moment at Ovaverva Pool, Spa & Sports Centre. Whether you want to swim in the indoor pool, try the waterslide, relax in the sauna or in the Rosatsch pool, there is something for everyone! (Closed for renovation 11-19 May 2024)

22. Spring fever on the slopes. While the ski season on Corviglia closes on the 7th of April 2024, there is still plenty of activity (and not too much slush) on Corvatsch. And: The Spring Festival will take place on Saturday, 27th of April 2024. The cover band The Baseballs promises rock'n'roll and a great atmosphere.

23. Ski and bike. Take the first gondola up to Corvatsch at 8.20 a.m. and do another (quick!) ride on a road or mountain bike in the afternoon. Pure action!

24. Kiting in Colico. The Engadin lakes may stay frozen longer, but you can still go kiting or windsurfing on Lake Como. Or just enjoy the sun.

25. Bouldering and bowling. The perfect bad-weather alternative is in S-chanf at Serlas Parc. Young and old can have a great time bouldering, climbing or bowling.

26. Make time for yourself. Whether Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha or Yin Yoga - Mesa Yoga is the first yoga studio in St. Moritz and THE place to be if you want to take time for yourself.

27. At the spa! What to do on a rainy spring day? The answer: The day spa at Hotel Grace La Margna. It also goes well with tip #1.

For the nature lovers

28. Place of power in Sils. The Chastè peninsula in Sils is a place of power - Nietzsche must have sensed this as he visited the peninsula often. Sometimes you can see deer there (and if you like, you can take a "half" ice bath in the Sils lake). Also goes well with tip #14.

29. Instagram beauty spot. Lej da Staz is worth a visit in any season (autumn, anyone?). Afterwards, take a walk to Pontresina with an aperitif at Gianotti’s (tip #7).

30. Ibex paradise. 1800 (!) ibexes live in the area around the Piz Albris in Pontresina. It is one of the largest ibex colonies in the Alps! Every year, from the end of April to the beginning of June, the “King of the Alps” traditionally comes to the edge of the village! With a free guided tour, you can experience the ibexes up close.

31. Take it even slower. In spring, deceleration is key. It’s even more cosy in Val Fex, a side valley near Sils.

32. Firn cross-country skiing. Say what? In spring, there is a natural phenomenon that promises a cross-country skiing experience par excellence: firn. Early in the morning, you can ski off the cross-country ski trails – an incredible feeling. It’s best to start early and look out for locals (they know the best spots!).

33. Ski touring season. Enjoy the spring sun on a mountain peak (called “Piz” in Romansh). The mountaineering school Pontresina will ensure a safe ascent to the summit. There are also taster courses for beginners.

34. (Almost) in the National Park. The journey to Zernez, where the National Park Centre is waiting, takes about half an hour. Various permanent and temporary exhibitions focus on nature and wilderness. The current exhibition is “Respect, Insect”. Tip: After your visit, stop at Hatecke for lunch.

35. Glacier trail. The Morteratsch Glacier is the third longest glacier in the Alps. On the Glacier Trail you can learn more about the history and disappearance of the glacier on 16 panels.

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