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Spring in St. Moritz

Spring is always a strange thing. It is not yet warm, but nor is it still cold, but that’s how it is in St. Moritz in winter as well. The spring comes just when you have forgotten that anything else other than the winter even exists, full of memories of winter and hopes for the summer that have been reawakened by the first of the warmer mornings. The snow melts and turns to rain, the meadows turn green and the pine forests, well, they stay the same all year round anyway. Something gives way so that something else can begin anew. Good for escaping the world. Here and there you will see the first few in short sleeves, sitting contentedly in a patch of sunshine and calling it summer.

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Lifts operating

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Spring skiing? Spring skiing!
Here are all the details on lifts and slopes.

35 Favourites for Spring

When you can hear the birds chirping, see the first crocuses blooming, and feel the days getting longer with the sun casting its warmth, then it's clear: it's spring in St. Moritz. We've compiled a list of 35 things to enjoy during this mid-season.