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Ever since 1930, the St. Moritz logo has represented the world’s most famous winter holiday destination. As the oldest tourism logo, it is still used today and is listed as a registered trademark.

When, in 1987, the St. Moritz Tourist Board first announced it would register the town’s name and logo as trademarks, the news surprised and baffled industry experts. As soon as reports of this innovative strategy made headlines across the world, including on the front page of the Wall Street Journal among other leading financial publications, it was heralded as a pioneering move! Today the brand is widely recognised in the tourism industry and is a core topic in college curricula involving tourism.

A strong brand with substance

The consistent, long-term brand strategy is one of the main reasons for St. Moritz’s continued success and its recognition as the world’s best known mountain holiday destination. The St. Moritz brand and image are among the most powerful in the entire tourism industry. The logo: «St. Moritz – TOP OF THE WORLD» is magical! It also evokes quality, tradition, expertise and authenticity. St. Moritz itself has also become something of a mecca for other luxury brands from across the world, attracting some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses to the boutiques and shops in the town centre.

[Translate to English:] Die Sonne wurde bereits 1937 in vier Varianten gesetzlich geschützt, der Schriftzug 1986 - als erster Ortsname der Welt, der als solcher registriert werden konnte.

The trademark St. Moritz sun logo replaced the previous snow bunny symbol in 1930 and is today the oldest tourism trademark still in use. Four versions of the sun image were granted legal protection as far back as 1937. In 1987, the "Top of the World” slogan, created by the International Management Group IMG (US) was added to the heraldic St. Moritz logo, with its sun and sky holiday colours of yellow and blue. The brand remained unchanged until 2010, when the logo was revamped as part of a new brand strategy. Retaining the signature colours and the famous St. Moritz sun, this bold and stunning design gleams with the elegant deep blue lettering of the slogan.

Information about the licence

Licensed products and licensees
The St. Moritz logo and slogan are protected and listed as registered trademarks. The brand is owned by the St. Moritz Tourist Board, which issues licenses to local and international companies.

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The Diavolezza cable car is in operation, but all ski slopes are closed. Corviglia and Muottas Muragl will open their summer season on June 10, 2023, Corvatsch on June 17, 2023. The TIME Magazine has listed St. Moritz among the 50 World's Greatest Places of 2023. Souvenir St. Moritz Volume 4 is a unique collaboration between two British artists: David Sims and Jake Chapman. Order now in the shop.