Bally’s Creative Director Rhuigi Villaseñor fused Alpine sporting tradition with Western Americana for the “Bally Curling” capsule collection. The scene: St. Moritz.
byFabrizio D'Aloisio

St. Moritz is the birthplace of curling in Switzerland; curling was played here for the first time as early as 1880. Like a giant game of boules on ice, today curling is a favorite winter pastime for men and women alike and comes with its own icon: the BALLY Curling Boot that has become a house staple since gracing the feet of the Swiss Olympic team at Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1956.

The distinctive après-ski style, with its cocooning rubber sole and toe reinforced with Arctic Grip® technology, has evolved over the decades as a stylish, versatile and hard- wearing shoe for all seasons. Reinventing the curling shoe as a part of a fully-fledged Ready-to-Wear and accessories vision, the capsule is inspired by the visual clash of Swiss alpine tradition with both cowboy and varsity codes. In an irreverent twist, Villaseñor, an LA native, harnesses the playful spirit of the American West and applies it to the tenets of winter sports, creating a new transatlantic dialogue of decoration and materiality.

Encapsulated in “Curl Curl Baby”, an irreverent short film following the curling battle of two opposing teams, the capsule’s luxurious, graphic spirit comes to life against the arresting scenery of St. Moritz. From transitional options to high-season winter wares, BALLY CURLING embraces the luxuriant ambience of après-ski, with mix-and-match ensembles that fuse Western detailing and nostalgic mountaineering motifs with refined natural materials like cashmere, shearling and suede.

In partnership with the St. Moritz brand, Swiss-inspired collegiate prints and embroideries enriched with archival BALLY graphics create iconic heritage moments, whilst shearling-trimmed denim and Western quilted outerwear express Villaseñor’s tongue-in-cheek sense of Americana. Complementing the core curling designs, a bold accessories line includes playful hybrids: a cowboy hat in shearling or baseball cap in soft wool and suede, cocooning jacquard blankets with leather accents, pom pom beanies and plush “Switzerland” football scarves — engineered with BALLY craftsmanship for the streets and the slopes in equal measure.

The “Bally Curling” capsule collection is available at Bally St. Moritz, Via Maistra 16.

Director and photographer: Marie Schuller

Stylist: Imruh Asha

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