Olympia Sights

The only Olympic Winter Games to take place in Switzerland were held in St. Moritz. Even today, various “Olympia Sites” remind us of this momentous time.

In 1928 and 1948, the only Olympic Winter Games to take place in Switzerland were held in St. Moritz. This means that the capital of the Engadine belongs to the exclusive circle of winter sports destinations, along with Lake Placid and Innsbruck, to have hosted the Winter Olympics twice so far.

For St. Moritz and the Engadine, these Games, which took place amid the world economic crisis and shortly after the end of the Second World War, were of great importance. At that time, the events were much smaller than the Olympics are nowadays, but they led to St. Moritz becoming known all over the world as an Olympic venue in a beautiful high mountain valley on the top of Europe.

Even today, various “Olympia Sites” still remind us of this important time:

Walk of Fame

The unique natural ice rink in the Upper Engadin becomes an open-air museum. Here, where the world's first international bobsleigh races took place in 1897, homage is paid to the fascinating sport of racing with sledges. The Walk of Fame leads from the info point at the start along the legendary Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz-Celerina through the history of the sport of bobsleigh and skeleton. The information and pictures on the large-format boards lead you even deeper into the world of these fascinating ice sports via QR codes.

In summer, the course of the bobsleigh track is recognisable as a route in the terrain; in winter, it forms what is probably the largest ice sculpture in the world. The 1722-metre-long ice channel is rebuilt every November, is in operation from Christmas until the beginning of March and then slowly melts away. 

The Walk of Fame along the railway can be walked all year round, except during the construction of the railway and the melting of the snow (March-April), when certain panels cannot be accessed.

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic spirit of the Games in 1928 and 1948 can still be felt in the Olympic Stadium today.

The Olympia Bob Run

Venue of the disciplines Four-man bob and two-man bob. The Olympic bobsleigh run from St. Moritz to Celerina is the only natural ice bobsleigh run. Created by hand, the largest ice sculpture in the world is created every year in the 1,612-metre-long ice channel.

The Cresta Run

Venue of the discipline Skeleton. The Cresta Run was first built in 1885 and features an impressive height difference of 157 metres over its length of 1,214 metres.

The Badrutt's Park
Olympic Ice Stadium

Ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating competitions took place in the Badrutt’s Park Olympic ice stadium.

Ice Rink at Kulm Hotel

The Chesa al Parc natural ice rink next door to the Kulm Hotel was used for figure skating and is still suitable for making a few pirouettes today.

Artificial Ice Rink
at the Palace Hotel

Hockey was played on the Palace Hotel’s prepared artificial ice rink, which is still available to the hotel’s guests today.

Artificial Ice Rink
at the Suvretta House

Hockey was played on the Suvretta House’s own ice rink, which is still available for skating to the hotel’s guests today.

Ski area Corviglia –
Piz Nair

Venue of the discipline Alpine skiing, only in 1948. The Corviglia-Chantarella downhill slope placed the greatest demands on the skiers of the time and is still an insider tip for those in the know.

Lake St. Moritz

The skijoring races were held on the frozen St. Moritz Lake in 1928 only. The White Turf Race and others still take place here.

Shooting Range

The shooting range behind the French church in St. Moritz was used for the biathlon.

Fencing Competitions
at the Palace Hotel

Sabres were swung in the Palace Hotel in 1948, when fencing and pentathlon competitions were held in the halls of the hotel.

Horse Riding
around the Kurhaus

The Kurhaus became the setting for horse riding in 1948, a discipline of the modern pentathlon.

The Olympia Stone

The monument stone on the Plazza Paracelsus in St. Moritz is a reminder of the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948 and is also in honour of the medal winners.

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