La Baracca

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la baracca st. moritzWest
Via San Gian 34
7500, St. Moritz
08.12.2023 - 07.04.2024
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Born in 2003 and closed in the meantime, La Baracca has lost none of its fascination to this day. Between then and now, a lot has happened in this wonderful place – from theatre to concerts, art exhibitions and «Never Ending Nights». Now the second generation of «Schneiders» is at the helm.

The Baracca goes back to its roots and offers honest food in a lively atmosphere in the makeshift building barracks. Polenta instead of sushi, fiasco instead of Cüpli, scaffolding instead of plush and silk, improvisation instead of perfection. The tongue-in-cheek alternative to luxurious St. Moritz works splendidly and still enjoys cult status.

Short Facts

  • Exuberant atmosphere in an old building shack
  • Hearty fare
  • Exuberant atmosphere
  • Less is more
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Nomad is back in town from February 22nd to 25th February – stay tuned.The exhibition Gerhard Richter: Engadin starts on the 16th of December.The newest issue of St. Moritz – Views from the Top is available at the Tourist Office and online!