La Baracca

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La Baracca
Via San Gian 34
7500, St. Moritz
The name says it all. In this makeshift builder’s shack, people reflect on what counts and enjoy honest food in a lively atmosphere. There’s polenta instead of sushi, fiasco instead of cüpli, scaffolding instead of plush fabrics and silk and improvisation instead of perfection.

At La Baracca, guests sit at long wooden tables, where they can order wine and choose from simple but delicious dishes, including a salad made from twelve ingredients from the garden, brasato with polenta, tortellini, veal liver with rosemary potatoes or the assado. This makeshift shack has been in business for over 15 years and enjoys cult status as a tongue-in-cheek alternative to the luxurious St. Moritz restaurants.

Short Facts

  • Trendy bar in a former builder’s shack
  • Simple and delicious dishes
  • Bar with music
  • Loud, crowded and boisterous atmosphere

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