"All'ovile" - Genesis of a masterpiece

“All’ovile” – Genese eines Meisterwerkes
Via Somplaz 30

At the center of the special exhibition is the masterpiece "All'ovile" (1892), in which Segantini deals with the magical effect of lantern light in an enclosed space. The painter masterfully succeeds in reproducing the light vibrations through juxtaposed strokes in pure colors and through the use of gold powder. The fact that the motif of lantern light with its symbolic qualities was a lasting inspiration for the artist is shown by other works on display, such as the drawings "I miei modelli" (1890) and "All'arcolaio" (1891-93). This group of works is juxtaposed with two masterpieces from the artist's own collection, the painting and drawing entitled "Ritorno all'ovile". If the light of the lantern inside the stable is a symbol of warmth and security, Segantini here shows an outside dominated by the cold, inhospitable light of autumn twilight. The atmosphere of sadness and resignation is intensified by the stooped posture of the tired shepherdess returning from work.

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