James Turrell Room - Scala St. Moritz

James Turrell Room - Scala St. Moritz
Via Maistra 29
7500, St. Moritz

The doors of the James Turrell Room at Scala St. Moritz opened for the first time in December 2023. Here you will not only find an exclusive smokers' bar, but also an ambience brought to life by the fascinating work of James Turrell. Stylish elegance meets vibrant entertainment - a unique experience.

The James Turrell Room is a hip hotspot in St. Moritz, where locals and tourists alike come together. Immerse yourself in a world where a stylish bar atmosphere meets inspiring encounters and experience unforgettable evenings and short nights.

Welcome to an incomparable experience in the James Turrell Room - where the nights are as electrifying as the art that brings this space to life.

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