This latest exhibition at the St. Moritz Design Gallery, in the Serletta car park, is dedicated to the history of bobsleigh sport and the world's only bobsleigh run on natural ice.
byFabrizio D'Aloisio

In the St. Moritz Design Gallery, along the pedestrian passage from Badrutt's Palace Hotel down to the lake, there are 31 large illuminated showcases in which changing exhibitions of valuable posters and photographs are held. This winter season, visitors can look forward to an exhibition on bobsleighing. With good reasons: In mid-January 2023, the World Bobsleigh Championships will be held on the Olympic Bob Run in St. Moritz-Celerina, and the legendary Saint Moritz Bobsleigh Club celebrates its 125th anniversary in December 2022. To mark the occasion, St. Moritz Design Gallery is showing large-format posters of excerpts from the colourful history of Saint Moritz Bobsleigh Club and bobsleighing sport. The world's oldest bobsleigh club was founded on 21 December 1897 by English enthusiasts. One of the initiators' goals was to keep the road to Celerina in passable condition for bobsleigh rides. But safety was also an issue: for example, the club had to print flyers for the coachmen, and guards had to be posted at dangerous places to warn bobsleighs and horse-drawn sleighs to watch out for each other! It took a long time to attain today's bobsleigh run with its start and finish shelters.

Left: The St. Moritz Design Gallery. Photo T. Hagen - right: The reclining position "Ventre à Terre", popular but also controversial in the 1920s, was banned in 1929. Photo: St. Moritz Documentation Library

Natural ice rink created with muscle power

The exhibition along the escalator in the Serletta car park is divided into two parts. In the first part, historical photographs are shown; in the second, Engadine photographer Filip Zuan documents the construction, operation and decay of the bobsleigh run. He pays special attention to the people who every year build this bobsleigh run anew with shovels and muscle power, and maintain it during operation. The South Tyrolean team arrives at the end of November each year and starts rebuilding the run with their characteristic precision. Within three weeks, the largest snow sculpture in the world is created from 15,000 cubic metres of snow and 10,000 cubic metres of water. The photographs are from Filip Zuan's book "Handmade".

**Exhibition dates: Saint Moritz Bobsleigh Club, 125th Anniversary **
St. Moritz Design Gallery, Serletta multi-storey car park

December 2022 - May 2023, open 24 hours a day

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