Olympia Bob Run

Olympia Bob Run
Plazza Gunter Sachs
7500, St. Moritz

The 1,722-metre-long ice channel from St. Moritz to Celerina provides a real adrenaline kick. National and international competitions take place here every day, along with training and taxi rides.

The olympic bobsleigh run from St. Moritz to Celerina is the only natural ice bobsleigh run in the world. Created by hand, the 1,722-metre-long ice channel constitutes the world's largest ice sculpture every year. With top speeds of 135 km/h, you can race down the channel in a 4-man bobsleigh on a pre-booked guest ride – it doesn’t get more spine-tingling than that!

Winter Olympic Games

In 1928 and 1948, Switzerland’s only Winter Olympics to date were held in St. Moritz in the winters of 1928 and 1948. As such, the capital of the Engadine, along with Lake Placid and Innsbruck, belongs to the exclusive group of winter sports destinations to have hosted the Winter Olympics twice.

For St. Moritz and the Engadine, these Games, held in the middle of the Great Depression and then shortly after the end of the Second World War, were of the greatest importance. At that time, the Games were much more modest and manageable than they are today, but they certainly put St. Moritz on the map for the entire world as an Olympic venue in a beautiful, high mountain valley up on the roof of Europe. Still today, various “Olympic Sites” remind us of these formative times.

Runs for Private Individuals

Guests can also experience the thrill of speed. Safety is the top priority. An experienced bobsleigh driver steers the slightly modified four-man bobsleigh, while a safe brakeman accompanies the headlong ride.

125 Years of Bobsleigh

The Saint Moritz Bobsleigh Club (SMBC), the very first bobsleigh club in the world, was founded in the Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz on 21 December 1897. This marked the beginning of a fascinating history that lives on to this day. In cooperation with St. Moritz, the SMBC has put together an attractive programme for the winter season 2022/23. 125 years after the founding day of the legendary bobsleigh club, the Olympic Cresta and Bob Museum will open its doors opposite the Kulm Hotel in the newly built Scala Cinema, providing an exciting insight into the vivid history of bobsleigh and Cresta sports. The Design Gallery in the Serletta car park is also dedicating its exhibition to celebrating the bobsleigh club.


Handmade - A tribute to the only hand made bob run in the world.

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