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The Italian men’s fashion brand was founded in Naples in 1920. Isaia can be recognised by the tiny red coral logo, which is considered a good luck charm in Naples. The successful family business started as a fabric shop for the city’s best-known tailors. Today, Isaia is internationally known and sells its products throughout Europe, Japan, China, and America.

Success came when the business moved to Casalnouvo, a village near Naples where half the residents were professional tailors. Within a decade, Isaia grew into a real tailoring shop, producing high-quality garments for the most prestigious Italian business houses.

The history and success of Isaia are based on the concept of "Made in Naples", a value that represents both the Neapolitan tailoring tradition and the exclusive product knowledge appreciated all over the world. Even today, the garments are made exclusively in Casalnuovo di Napoli and are subjected to strict quality control during the many stages of production. Isaia has managed to combine tradition with innovation while constantly renewing its style.

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