Paradiso - Music Deck

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Paradiso - Music Deck
Via Engiadina 3
7500, St. Moritz

Paradiso: Music Deck

MUSIC DECK is where people from all over the world, from all continents and of all ages meet to enjoy life at the top of the world.
Here you will find the best comfort food from the mountains, fantastic drinks and cocktails - all to the rhythm of an unstoppable beat.
Here, high up in the mountains, our DJs set heaven and earth in motion to get the masses dancing. Welcome to the pinnacle of excitement!

With its breathtaking views of the Alps, this is the place you can't miss.
Because after a hard day on the slopes or in nature, there's nothing more refreshing than good music, good food, good wine - and of course: good company.
Our chef knows how to prepare mountain dishes that are out of this world - where local cuisine meets global favorites, with some very daring twists.

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For the Music Deck:

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