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Tabeas Manufactur

St. Moritz

She makes the harness for the horses of the skijoring at White Turf in St. Moritz and handles leather and fur as if they were flowing fabrics. In her manufactory T.Lörtscher has devoted herself completely to bag design. Her works are all handmade and unique. Insider tip also the belts of crocodile, fish, snake, elephant etc. In her work she takes care, taste and expertise ... and of course she also pays attention to the certified origin of the raw materials. She selects buckles and fittings from Italian and French manufacturers. When it should sparkle, she only uses Swarovski stones. Her bags carry a bridle as her trademark, which belongs to the bridle of horses, developed in the style of her saddler's profession.

Own indoor and outdoor parking spaces. 

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Opening hours
By appointment