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Swiss Kitesurf GmbH

Winter They skim over the frozen lake on ski and snowboards, perform daredevil jumps, swing their colorful kites around - and shoot off again. Snowkiting was pretty much invented on Lake Silvaplana. The snowkiting school here, Swiss Kitesurf, has been shaping the development of this fashionable pursuit since 1994. Anyone at home on a piste will learn quickly. To keep the risk of injury to a minimum, it is strongly recommended that novices take a beginners' course. Summer As soon as the Maloja wind sets in around noon, the colourful kites start to bob and dance across Lake Silvaplana. That is without doubt a spectacular sight for spectators. But the fun only really begins when, with a board under your feet, you are actually holding a kite into the wind (and yourself upright on the water). The quickest and most effective way of learning the correct technique is by booking a few lessons at the Swiss Kitesurf School in Silvaplana. The school was the first of its kind in the world – after all, this trend sport was invented here at Lake Silvaplana – and can in the meantime look back on 18 years of experience.
Opening hours
01 March 21- 28 March 21
Daily 9.00am - 6.00pm

29 March 21 - 21 May 21

22 May 21 - 03 October 21
Daily 9.00am - 6.00pm