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Kinderkleiderbörse (Secondhand kidsclothing)

Full year adoption

Fashionable children's clothes from size 52-158, children's shoes up to size 37, prams, buggies, high chairs, Tripp Trapp, Maxi-Cosi, car seat, cot, toys and everything for children

Seasonal assumption: April to August

Summer clothes, tricycle, bicycle up to 16 inches, summer sports clothes, tennis racket, bicycle helmet, rollerblades up to size 39

Seasonal assumption: October to February

Winter clothes, snowboard, skis, cross country skis up to max 150cm. Snowboard, ski-, sled-, cross-country skis up to size 39, children's sledge, bobsleigh, ski helmet, hockey articles

For hygienic reasons no underwear, breast pumps, bottle bottles, nuggi, bathtubs and nappy pails

Only well preserved and clean articles (no knitwear). The Kinderkleiderbörse reserves the right to dispose of articles which have holes and stains.

The following commissions are charged: clothes and shoes Fr. 1; rollerblades, skates, ski boots, helmets Fr. 2; bicycles, prams, high chairs, skis, sledges, Bob Fr. 5; games depending on size Fr. 1 to 5

Clothes which are not sold after two years are sent to a children's home.

30% of the sales proceeds go to the children's clothing exchange. If there has been no movement on the customer account within 5 years, the account will be closed and any credit will be transferred to the secondhand kidsclothing.

The team assumes no liability.

(Note: Translated with www.Deepl.com/Translator (free version), These texts were translated automatically and may have grammatical errors or inaccuracies. In case of doubt, the German text applies.)
Opening Hours

Open: 01 March 2021
Tuesday 2.00pm - 4.00pm
last Wednesday of the month 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Thursday 9.00am - 10.30am

During scool holidays
Tuesday 2.00pm - 4.00pm