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Lesunja Fine Jewellery

St. Moritz
Lesunja Juwelier delicately handcrafts the most precious materials into jewelry of the highest quality. Only in perfectly made pieces the legacy of the goldsmith’s art lives on. Thus, it is Lesunja’s philosophy to maintain the soul of the Swiss artisanry with prime quality standards as well as reinterpreting classical shapes for this day and age. Lesunja represents the classic Modernism and expresses her art in contemporary pieces made from gold, with precious stones or diamonds.

The jeweler creates rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and jewelry for ladies and gentlemen. The exciting modern high-quality designs are made with original techniques. Lesunja crafts handmade, elaborated masterpieces in which the traditional Swiss artisanry merges with the cutting-edge technology of the trade.

The brilliant jewelry with great attention for detail ranges from valuable unique pieces, own collections and tailor-made creations after clients’ individual wishes. The goldsmith and her team also restores antique pieces with lots of love and set a high value on using fair trade gold to equally fair prices.

The Zurich based jewelry store also attracts a lot of international interest. Their extravagant creations are regularly seen on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week.

Opening hours
08 September 2021 - 31 October 2021

Monday - Tuesday closed
Wednesday - Saturday 11.00am - 6.00pm
Sunday closed

Outside opening hours by appointment:
lesunja@lesunja.ch | +41 76 440 74 77