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Laagers Bäckerei, Konditorei, Confiserie (Bakery, confectionery, pastry shop)


Laagers Hotel Garni is a small, centrally located restaurant hotel garni. In the restaurant you can choose between 3 different daily menus at lunchtime or eat a la carte and enjoy homemade delicacies in the café. Internet access is available free of charge with your own notebook via wireless LAN. In the Café Laager you can enjoy, among other things, the famous "Pultorte". According to historians, the recipe for this cake was already known in Samedan around 1900. Later it was made by emigrated Engadine confectioners in Toulouse. When the confectioner Fausto Pult returned to Samedan from Toulouse, he produced the nut gateau in his bakery-confectionery under the name "tuorta da nusch engiadinaisa - Engadine nut gateau". Today, the "Pultorte" is baked according to the recipe only by Fadri Pult in Geneva and by Andri Laager in Samedan. Coffee and cake at Laagers - a "must". Engadine nut cake - a great gift idea! Hotel Garni - bakery/pastry shop - restaurant - café.

Daily changing take away offer.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 7.30am – 6.30pm
Saturday - Sunday 7.30am – 6.00pm

Restaurant Café closed