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St. Moritz
Kiton is an Italian fashion house founded by Ciro Paone in Naples in 1968.
Kiton celebrates its founder’s love and passion for elegance through distinctive sartorial pieces - including bespoke service and ready-to-wear men and women’s collections - where Neapolitan tradition is reinterpreted with an innovative twist. Needle and thread are the tools used by Kiton’s tailors; truly unique products are shaped by their expert hands and enhanced by exclusive fabrics, such as pure vicuña yarns, cashmere, wool and fine silks.
With 5 manufacturing facilities in Italy and approximately 800 employees, more than half of whom are artisans, Kiton has achieved continued growth in the sector, expanding globally thanks to its network of over fifty mono-brand stores and to its presence in 75 markets worldwide.
Opening Hours
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