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Kinesiologie M. Crameri (Kinesiology)



If the flow of energy in the body is blocked, physical complaints, psychological problems or learning difficulties can become apparent. As a qualified kinesiologist, Marili Crameri provides holistic support during the healing process. The self-healing powers are activated, more health and well-being are achieved. Important parts of the session are the conversation and the energy work in harmony with body, mind and soul. Personal needs and wishes are at the centre of the session.

Support for adults, adolescents and children on the following topics, among others:
Stress, exhaustion; depressive moods, fears; relationship problems; learning difficulties, hyperactivity; choice of occupation; back pain, digestive disorders, overweight; menstrual problems, pregnancy, birth; processing of accidents or illness.
The work is co-financed by most health insurance companies through supplementary insurance.

Für Marili Crameri is available to answer questions and make appointments by phone or email.
Marili Crameri,
Dipl. Holistic Kinesiologist, Bachelor in Psychology, Swiss Federal Institute of Physical Education ETH II

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Opening hours
On request