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InnHub PopUp

La Punt Chamues-ch
Experience the basic idea of the future InnHub La Punt in the recently opened "InnHub PopUp". This temporary installation consists of a coworking space and a health center.

The coworking space allows individual work, meetings and workskops in the creative corner or meeting room and relaxed conversations in the lounge. The space can be rented for single days or longer periods. The InnHub PopUp is also suitable as a retreat and place of inspiration for companies, educational institutions and other organisations that want to develop innovative ideas in the stimulating mountain world. The coworking space is managed by miaEngiadina.

The health centre consists of a doctor's practice and physiotherapy and is run by experienced medical professionals who have been working in the Engadine for a long time. The PolyClinic offers primary care and a pharmacy in the InnHub PopUp. fisiomedica engiadina provides holistic well-being, with classic physiotherapy, medical massage and pain therapy, exercise courses and other specific treatments.

*Pictures: miaEngiadina / Mayk Wendt
Opening hours
Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm