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IK-Kinesiologie / Hypnose

Smart in motion & concentration is Integrative Kinesiology. Do you know where you want to go in life? Do you know yourself and your needs? Do you have the feeling that you want or need to change something in your life? Do you suffer from problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night, digestive problems or pain etc. and would you like to complement conventional medical treatments? Do you feel insecure in your family, at school, at work or during sports, or in certain situations, are you lacking energy or helpless and unmotivated? IK- Kinesiology enables you in many ways to get to know yourself better and to recognize your own patterns and imprints. Once you have recognised these, IK Kinesiology helps you to focus forward, to go new ways and to integrate what you need. Thanks to the fact that IK Kinesiology works with techniques that involve both the head and the body, goals and plans can be perceived and implemented with the whole body. Recognition by health insurance companies.
Opening Hours
By appointment