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Futuraluce Licht & Design

St. Moritz

Futuraluce conjures up light and design in every room. Lighting design should be an integral part of any architectural concept. Qualified planned lighting also helps with orientation, increases the sense of well-being and can reduce energy consumption. The team will be happy to advise you in this area. You will also find an interesting selection of lights from exclusive collections. Since the team is often out of the office for customer consultations and installations and the showroom is therefore not always manned, Futuraluce recommends that you make an appointment by telephone. This will allow you enough time and guarantee you a detailed consultation.

(Note: Translated with www.Deepl.com/Translator (free version), These texts were translated automatically and may have grammatical errors or inaccuracies. In case of doubt, the German text applies.)

Opening Hours
on request