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Nietzsche House

Sils Maria

"Dear old friend, now I'm back in the Upper Engadine, for the third time, and again I feel that here and nowhere else is my right home and hotbed." (Friedrich Nietzsche to Carl von Gersdorff, Sils-Maria, end of June 1883)

Nietzsche in Sils-Maria

Seven summers, for the first time in 1881, Friedrich Nietzsche spent an inspiring and creative time in Sils Maria. He lived in a modest room in the Durisch family's house during his stays. In the Engadine, with its dry, sunny climate, the weather-minded thinker found conditions from which he hoped to alleviate his violent migraine-like headache. A strict daily schedule not only regulated working hours and meal times, but also provided "5 - 7 hours of exercise every day", which he obtained by taking long walks in the area - the best opportunity to literally "philosophize" "fare. Even the first stay resulted in a key thought that gave his future work a new direction: the "thought of eternal return", the basic concept of Nietzsche's "So spoke Zarathustra".

The exhibition

The exhibition includes a rich collection of photos and documents, manuscripts and letters from the Sils period, the original death mask, various busts (Max Kruse, Willy de Boe), music, a complete collection of the works that Nietzsche himself published during his lifetime, including rare dedication copies. In addition, there is a documentation on the counterfeits for which Nietzsche's sister is responsible and on Nietzsche's time as a professor in Basel (Basler Stube with original furniture and documents from the time of Basel 1869-79).

Special exhibition

"Nietzsche's Arcadia" Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Paul Flora, Jacques Guidon, Gerhard Richter, Ursina Vinzens, Not Vital



Introductory lecture on Friedrich Nietzsche and the Nietzsche House:

Every Wednesday from 11:00am - 12:45pm in German or on request outside opening hours in German, English, Italian and French

During the opening hours (3.00pm - 6.00pm) the guests can visit the museum individually.


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Opening hours
Closed: from 26.10.2020 to 12.12.2020 
Open: from 13.12.2020 to 11.04.2021 
Monday closed
Tuesday - Sunday 3.00pm - 7.00pm