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Mili Weber House

St. Moritz

The Mili Weber House showcases the artist’s extensive lifework, including her illustrated stories, paintings, sketches and studies.

“I was born on 1 March 1891 in Bienne, in the canton of Berne. Early on in my life I started drawing and painting, and illustrated the stories that I heard and read.” This description of her life is as simple and unassuming as she was as a person. Thus she lived a quiet and modest life on the outskirts of the glamorous health resort of St. Moritz. Her house, a log cabin built on stone foundations and modelled on traditional Valais-style buildings, was built by her father and her brother Emil, mostly by their own devices. Hidden away behind a group of firs, larches and mountain ashes, the house is located on the Via Dimlej, bordering on the forest above the eastern end of Lake St. Moritz. Its architectural concept is characterised by a clever distribution of the rooms over several floors, as well as its vaulted ceilings and abundance of nooks and crannies. However, the house's most impressive feature is without doubt the paintings which Mili Weber used to transform the walls and ceilings of her home into a wondrous fairyland.

Opening hours
Open: from 19.10.2020 to 29.11.2020 
Wednesday - Friday
Guided tours at 2.00pm
Closed: from 30.11.2020 to 01.12.2020 
Open: from 02.12.2020 to 05.04.2021 
Wednesday - Sunday
Guided tours 2.00pm / 3.45pm