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Kubus - Kulturbüro

Sils Maria

The KUBUS Kulturbüro Sils has committed itself to the dual goal of meeting the demands of a growing cultural and educational tourism on the one hand, and on the other hand to make aspects of Grisons culture more thoroughly accessible and to anchor them more firmly in public awareness.

"Museum" and "dusty" do not have to be synonyms. Interested groups (4 persons or more) have the opportunity to put together their own daily or weekly programme from the range of guided tours, cultural hikes, lectures/readings and seminars on literary, philosophical, art and cultural history topics. The individual programme elements can be freely combined in number and sequence and can be adapted to the interests of the group on request. You will be offered a lively and entertaining access to the diversity of the Engadine museum landscape.

Guided tours are offered in the following museums: Nietzsche House (Sils) link: Nietzsche House , Segantini Museum (St. Moritz) link: Segantini Museum, Sils Museum - Cultural Foundation Andrea Robbi (Sils) link: SILS MUSEUM - Cultural Foundation Andrea Robbi, Museo Ciäesa Granda (Stampa).

Opening hours
On demand

by request