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Museum Engiadinais

St. Moritz

The building, designed by the renowned architect Nicolaus Hartmann (1880-1956), is based on a traditional Engadine house and was conceived for original interiors and furnishings from five centuries and realized in 1906. The renovation in 2016 allowed the installation of additional display collections and a permanent exhibition on the Rhaeto-Romanic language.

Special exhibitions

"From the trap bonnet to the whetstone quiver - Precious objects from the Campell Collection" 

The newly created display collections in the Engadine Museum allow a voyage of discovery into the wealth of material cultural heritage: richly embroidered textiles, precious jewellery, highly crafted pipes and tobacco boxes, rare wall clocks, ceramic tableware, everyday objects decorated with carvings and much more. The museum's most precious object is also on display: a transverse flute made by the famous instrument maker Rippert in Paris around 1695. The centrepiece of the exhibition, however, is the aesthetically high-quality presentation of table and bed linen as well as clothing and accessories from Engadine families.

Admission prices - incl. e-guide in 7 languages

Normal: 15 CHF

Reduced: 10 CHF for students with ID up to 25 years, AHV, IV, locals

Admission free: Youth up to 17 years, hotels and tourism partners


People with walking difficulties:
Car access possible. Please report to reception via the intercom. The vehicle must then be re-parked. Please contact the museum team 2 days before your visit. We will be happy to inform you about the details of accessibility for people with walking difficulties.
Deaf and blind people:
Visit possible, e-guide with audio track and supplementary or alternative text/image level. Included in the admission price.

Opening hours
Open: from 26.05.2022 to 23.10.2022 
Monday - Wednesday closed
Thursday - Sunday 11.00am - 5.00pm
Closed: from 24.10.2022 to 30.11.2022 
Closed Today