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Short & sweet

Lightning trip: 24 hours in St. Moritz

8 am: Breakfast at Hanselmann’s

Even renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel was unable to resist the legendary Engadin nut torte at this long-established coffee-house at the heart of the village.

10 am: Visit to the Berry Museum

The museum at Villa Arona showcases the artistic oeuvre of painter and spa physician Peter Robert Berry (1864–1942), not to mention his extensive cultural and scientific work and his passion for collecting.

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11 am: Carriage ride to Lej da Staz

Romantic horse-drawn carriage rides are simply a classic. And this particular route is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in the region!

1 pm: Lunch at the Meierei

The restaurant with the wonderful sun terrace is renowned for its regional specialities, home-made pasta and organic produce from mostly local producers.

3 pm: Visit to the St. Moritz Design Gallery

The Art Gallery in the modern Serlettas multi-storey car park is open around the clock, 365 days a year, and features temporary exhibitions of invaluable posters and photographs. And what’s particularly practical is that the escalator integrated into the multi-storey car park (Switzerland’s longest, by the way), also takes you straight from the shores of Lake St. Moritz to the village centre higher up.

4 pm: Strolling through St. Moritz and Via Serlas

Welcome to a superlative alpine shopping experience! Via Serlas is the world’s/Europe’s only shopping avenue to have such an abundance of top shops and boutiques in such a relatively small space.

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6 pm: Aperitif at Badrutt’s Palace

The legendary Le Grand Hall is the perfect spot to see and be seen in St. Moritz. There is a bar service and live music here every day from 4 pm.

7 pm: Dinner at La Scarpetta

The restaurant on the premises of what used to be a shoe shop is a mix of pop-up restaurant and delicatessen serving spicy cheese and meat platters as well as home-made pasta dishes. The wines and foods are sourced almost exclusively from producers with whom the innovative restaurateurs are also friends.