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St. Moritz


"St. Moritz – Views from the Top" is a magazine that covers all the news, views and stories from St. Moritz.

Among many highlights, issue 3 explores the rebellious and quirky streak that’s set St. Moritz apart for well over a century: the tall stories that attend the weird and wonderful trophies won on the sheer ice of Cresta Run. That spirit of adventure is also alive, kicking and occasionally wiping-out, in the form of the freeriders that call St. Moritz home.

On terra firma, and without the need for the higher end of health insurance, this issue takes great pleasure in exploring the spotless service culture of St. Moritz. So you may follow a world-class sommelier as he tops up his cellar in Tuscany and spend an evening eavesdropping on a gaggle of concierges as they spill the beans on a still-secretive profession.

St. Moritz’s deep cultural connections are explored as we talk to both Beatrice Trussardi and Vito Schnabel, scions of the art world with a passion for St. Moritz and its artistic opportunities. Of course, a letting-off of steam is vital, too.

Available in English only.

Indian Summer in St. Moritz

Indian Summer in St. Moritz