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The Four Seasons of Sun Moritz

St. Moritz

For the ninetieth anniversary of the St. Moritz logo, Amanda Panezo created and is promoting, making them available, a collection of twelve oil paintings on linen canvas, with the three-dimensional material technique in which she interpreted The Four Seasons of Sun Moritz.
An artistic metaphor that expanding the horizons of the Sun, symbol of the wonderful location known above all for the winter season, Amanda Panezo launched a poetic message: that the Sun of St. Moritz shines brightly also in spring, summer and autumn, giving us the emotion of a bright sun all year. Moreover, sprawled across a sunny mountainside with spectacular views of the Alps and Upper Endagine valley, St Moritz is the most fantastic to stay and look out for its unique location, natural context and spectacular views kissed by the sun.
The concept expressed through the art of Amanda P. Real, universal and symbolic values such as the sun, light and transparencies.
In a word ...life

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Amanda P-Studio
Amanda Panezo
Nino Bixio 27
20129 Milano
+39 346 3136773

Opening hours
Open: from 10.07.2022 to 30.08.2022 
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