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Stalla Madulain


With around 200 inhabitants, Madulain is the smallest community in the Upper Engadine and an oasis of tranquility. Since 2014, however, the small village has also been enchanting on a grand scale, because since then the world of art has found its way into the village with the Stalla Madulain. The stable, which dates back to 1488, has been freed from the dust of the last centuries and today offers atmospheric space on three lovingly restored floors for artists who make the Engadine their theme or found inspiration for their work here. The unusual ambience radiates purist power and plays its part in ensuring that the "Stalla Madulain" gallery has conquered a permanent place on the agenda of the art-savvy Engadine.

Works by Chrissy Angliker - Inner Blooms, Marco D'Anna - Oltrerealeand Robertson Käppeli - Resize will be shown.