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SAX atelier

Sils Maria

SAX, bourgeois Herbert Baerlocher, born 15.08.43, grows up in Basel. After studying art history and modern poetry, he experimented with body expression with theatre and music groups. From 1973 he lives in Kyôto, Japan, where he learns ink painting with Hiromoto Susumu. In the technique of the brush movement "un-pitsu" his urge for spontaneous pictorial forms finds fulfilment. His works in colour on canvas and in Japanese ink on paper are shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and Hawaii from 1978 to 2000. Since 1997 SAX has been painting in the Fextal, Engadin, and from 2013 in Weimar and from 2015 in 'Fränkische Schweiz'. At the end of 2019 he will move to Sils-Maria, Engadin.

Opening hours
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