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plattner & plattner Art Gallery


Photo exhibition by Claudio Gotsch in the "Plattner & Plattner Art Gallery" in Pontresina

Silence, and lots of white

Not all whites are the same. It can seem warm or make you shiver - above all, white can radiate calm. This is shown by the "White Edition" works of the Engadin photographer Claudio Gotsch. His pictures are a symbiosis of precision, perfection and pure nature. Because the white background puts the animal in the foreground and focuses on its beauty and grace. 

Claudio Gotsch captures intimate moments of nature in his pictures and brings the magic of the Engadine into the living room. With his new "WhiteEdition" - in contrast to the "BlackEdition" - he has once again succeeded in portraying the animals in a very special way. Since Claudio Gotsch is also out and about with his camera in winter, it was obvious that he would photograph the animals with high contrast and expressive white background. The "WhiteEdition" series was born. Some of the pictures can be seen for the first time in the exhibition in the "Plattner & Plattner Art Gallery". The photos for the series were created in the last three to five years.

For wildlife photography you need not only patience and perseverance, but also a profound knowledge of the animals and their behaviour. "As an animal photographer, you have to be there before the animals and go after the animals," says the Engadine native. The key is to know the habitat, behaviour and habits of every wild animal.
In addition, one must be able to approach the animal unnoticed. "You have to pay attention to the wind, the sounds and the visibility or even camouflage, all of which can destroy access to a picture in seconds if you don't pay attention," explains Claudio Gotsch. In addition, the angle to the animal must be right, the incidence of light as well as the perfect background.


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