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Chiesa BiancaChiesa Bianca


The Chiesa Bianca was built by the Belgian Count Camille de Renesse to plans by the celebrated architect Jules Rauh. It stands in the Cresta (or Creista) area of the village, and was erected in the 1880s – at the same time as the Maloja Palace (known then as the “Hôtel-Kursaal de la Maloja”). Until 1967, it housed the Roman Catholic church of Maloja, and bore the name of San Gaudenzio. In 1968 a new Catholic church was inaugurated, located on the cantonal road between the Chesa Alpina and the Hotel Schweizerhaus, and “San Gaudenzio” was deconsecrated. Today, the Chiesa Bianca is used to stage exhibitions, concerts and festivities.

For further information:

The interior of the Chiesa Bianca may be visited during the summer season only.

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