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Galerie 10

St. Moritz

THREESOME you, me and the art

Helen Waldburger & Elliot Jack Stew

An exhibition created through shared experience and combined vision. Helen Waldburger and Elliot Jack Stew have cohabited and worked in the same space for six years. Art plays a vital role in their relationship making it the welcome third player in their ‘threesome.’ Art has become a functional, perhaps even fundamental element of the relationship. Bound by core ideas and aesthetic values the pair have created this show in response to time shared in St. Moritz and their lives working together as artists in London. In parts this exhibition is informed by the cultural history of Sankt Moritz and aspects of that culture such as local painters, writers, philosophers and folktales, which the artists have used to create from. Other influences come from the mundane and daily life and the stories that lie within that. The result is a balancing act between the influences of two ever changing and international cities, Sankt Moritz and London.

www.helenwaldburger.com www.elliotjackstew.com