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Exhibition "Painted from the Heart"

La Punt Chamues-ch
Lillygret Surber, who attended primary school in St. Moritz, has lived in the Engadin for 33 years, which has since become her home. Drawing and painting have been a great passion of Lillygret Surber since she was a child. Coming from a family of artists, she and her father had the best art teacher she could imagine. Her paintings are influenced by her personal beliefs. So it is not surprising that she thinks that the message of your pictures lies in the heart of the beholder. Lillygret Surber has already presented her pictures in various places such as Zurich and St. Moritz. Now the first exhibition follows in her home town of La Punt Chamues-ch.
Opening hours
Open: from 16.07.2021 to 30.11.2021