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Exhibition «Changing Generations in Jazz»

St. Moritz

The latest exhibition at the St. Moritz Design Gallery is a collaboration between St. Moritz and the Festival da Jazz. The exhibition can be visited free of charge from June 16 to December 1 at the "St. Moritz Design Gallery" in the Serletta parking garage. The exhibition is made possible by the municipality of St. Moritz. On display are pictures by photographers Matthias Heyde, Giancarlo Cattaneo and Henry Schulz, taken during the first fourteen years of the festival.


Matthias Heyde

From the Early Days until 2016, Matthias Heyde was the quiet, reserved image artist of the Festival da Jazz. Often traveling only with his small Leica, Mr. Heyde shaped the visual language and thus the overall look of the festival for nearly ten years. His portraits are vivid, precise and always a bit intimate. Matthias Heyde lives in Berlin and works all over the world.


Giancarlo Cattaneo

You might think Giancarlo was here before St. Moritz and he will still be here when St. Moritz has gone down. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone. His positive, winning nature inevitably carries over into his photography. Let Giancarlo be allowed to conjure up some color in our otherwise controlled, black and white look. Between a Hauser and a Dracula concert, Giancarlo surely has two other appointments and more pictures to shoot. A bundle of energy between frenzied reporter and elegant cultural photographer.


Henry Schulz

On the Festival Jazz team since 2017. Music photography was his hobbyhorse early on. Like a dreamy drone, Henry buzzes through our concert venues, constantly seeking and finding new perspectives, considerately weaving through the aisles and constantly finding his images day after day. A shy deer at the beginning, today he cracks jokes and sometimes puts the camera aside when chairs have to be dragged. An artist and team player.

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