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St. Moritz

Intimacy in exile

Intimacy in Exilelooks at the practise of four young emerging artists; Cai Arfon Bellis, Charlotte Leimer, Fani Paraliand Jack Penny. The exhibition focuses on how each of their individual practises have shifted.

With the artists having been temporarily ‘exiled’ from their studios, they have turned to exploring new mediums and working on a much smaller scale in order for their practise to survive. These abrupt changes, very often resorting to work on paper, has allowed them to discover a new sense of intimacy and rawness. The exhibition is curated to emulate coming back to the studio with these fragments that resemble the artists time in separation – sticking each one on the wall, the works begin to piece together and portray a collage of the mind. They formulate a cluster of memories, immortalising a unique period in time.

Intimacy in Exilelooks to create a new experience, allowing viewers for the first time to see works on paper exhibited in a completely exposed and raw state – no frame to protect them, no glass to hide behind. The curatorial vision of paralleling this with the uniqueness of the restored Forum Paracelsus allows for the works to become one with the bare walls, showing their rawness and history, combining art in context with architecture.