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St. Moritz
This exhibition at ALLEGRA PROJECTS draws on works from 1968-2015 to deeper explore the chakras’; Transparent, White and Gold. His conceptual practice, consisting of (anti)happenings, ambient, installations, land art multiples, text art projects, objects and all kinds of diagram drawings, escapes any comprehensive understanding of his wide-ranging oeuvre. His two clinical deaths are also fundamental for his artwork, as a kind of catalyst for his inventiveness, which was emerging along with his exploration in and influences of philosophy, cosmology, religion and technological advancement. Filko created his system of 5 dimensions and 12 chakras, individually uniformly treated as a colour of spectrum: RED as the biological sphere, GREEN as the socio-political space, WHITE as the ontological space, BLUE as the cosmic space, or INDIGO/BLACK as space of subject. This system is also the main code for understanding his works.
Opening hours
Open: from 10.07.2020 to 16.08.2020 
Daily 11.00am - 08.00pm