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Glass painting


Zuoz is not only known for its intact village image, but also for its exceptional collection of stained glass. Since the installation of Alberto Giacometti's first window in 1929, a further 23 works of glass art have been installed in public spaces to date. They can be admired in the churches of San Luzi, Santa Chatrigna and San Bastiaun, in the Town Hall, the Centrel car park and the Lyceum Alpinum.

In the new art guide published by the Society for Swiss Art History, all the stained glass windows in Zuoz are documented for the first time. This art guide invites you on a special tour of the village. The art guide "Glass Paintings in Zuoz", written by Urlich Wissmer, who has been spending his skiing holidays in Zuoz for 20 years, provides the reader with core information on the buildings, the windows and each of the seven artists. Available at the Butia Magni, the Tourist Information or the municipal administration.


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