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Studio Giada Bianchi

St. Moritz

Narrative Art Concept - humanity’s biography. Narrative art projects are the means by which the ongoing censorship of the genuine human being can be countered. We have come to live the lives we want to tell, in a form of permanent display or performance for distracted audiences. By employing technologies such as social media and voice messages you can involve people in an intimately participatory act; forming an alternative narrative to counter what is copiously available online to date. The narrative art paintings are born from listening to said voices; they are testament and symbols to the act of being present, in which self-aware people return to shape an environment that is capable of countering stereotypes, prejudices, constant judgment and the relentless homogenisation that society increasingly demands acquiescence to. The narrative artworks are participatory, relational, collective and organic. Easy to assimilate in being engendered, not by notions, but actual lived experience that has been processed and is real, just like the people telling them: humanity’s actual biography.

Opening hours
On demand