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St. Moritz Drive-In

St. Moritz is turning back the clock: this summer, retro charm and glamorous lifestyle will transform the Kulm Park into a drive-in cinema. From July 4 to August 30, the silver screen between the Kulm Park and the stunning mountain backdrop of the Engadin is set to come alive with classic films screened at the St. Moritz Drive-In.

Drive-in cinemas enjoy a cult following. They did back in the day, and they do today once again. In America in the 1950s and 1960s more than 4,000 screening venues attracted movie fans, car enthusiasts and romantics. The trend soon caught on in Europe, too, treating aficionados to movies such as La Dolce Vita and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

In July and August, St. Moritz will be delighting movie-goers with an exciting and entertaining programme: from «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» to «The Great Gatsby», «La La Land» and «Gran Torino» – unforgettable movie classics guaranteed to captivate cinema audiences in the stylish setting of the Kulm Park. The St. Moritz Drive-In will enthral its guests not just with its cinematic offering, but also with delicious catering, courtesy of the Kulm Country Club. Cinema on a grand scale, then.

As night falls every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, ‘Roll it!’ will be the motto as the big screen comes to life at 9.30 pm. So plenty of time to enjoy a superb apéritif or dinner at the Kulm Country Club beforehand and get into the mood for an evening of movie magic.

Bookings are possible until 25 hours before the event. Please put on warm clothes and take a woollen blanket if necessary.

4th July, 2020, Saturday

The Big Lebowski

9th July, 2020, Thursday

10th July, 2020, Friday
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Sold Out

11th July, 2020, Saturday
The Great Gatsby - Sold Out

16th July, 2020, Thursday
La La Land

17th July, 2020, Friday

18th July, 2020, Saturday

23rd July, 2020, Thursday
Gran Torino

24th July, 2020, Friday

25th July, 2020, Saturday
Citizen Kane

30th July, 2020, Thursday
La Dolce Vita

31st July, 2020, Friday
Sold Out

6th August. 2020, Thursday
Easy Rider

7th August. 2020, Friday
Good Fellas

8th August. 2020, Saturday
Once upon a time in Hollywood

13th August. 2020, Thursday
The Shawshank Redemption

14th August. 2020, Friday
Once Upon a Time in the West

15th August. 2020, Saturday
Notting Hill

20th August. 2020, Thursday

21th August. 2020, Friday
Ocean's Eleven

22th August. 2020, Saturday

27th August. 2020, Thursday
The Godfather

28th August, 2020, Friday
Sold Out

29th August. 2020, Saturday
Forest Gump

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July 2020
Engadin St. Moritz Tourism AG
Engadin St. Moritz Tourism AG