Points of interest

Learn something new and explore the surroundings at the same time - we have summarised some particularly interesting places in St. Moritz.

Street Lamp

On July 18th, 1879, Johannes Badrutt had an illuminating idea in the truest sense of the word. Thanks to the country’s first power plant, which was built by the hotelier, the Kulm was the first Swiss hotel to use electric light. The street lamp across from the Kulm Hotel is a memento of that pioneering event.

Johannes Badrutt

St. Moritz owes a lot to this hotel pioneer and trailblazer of winter tourism. The British artist Nicola Cox created this bronze bust of Johannes Badrutt (1819-1889) as a gift to St. Moritz from Badrutt’s descendants.


This fountain was created in 1910 by sculptor Wilhelm Schwerzmann to honour the memory of Baroness von Goldschmidt-Rothschild, who is known for her generosity in establishing charitable foundations.

Snowflake Sculture

This sculpture in the shape of a snowflake with reliefs of St. Moritz’s winter sports was a gift from local artist Mario Verdieri to celebrate the anniversary of “150 Years of Winter Tourism”. It also includes the dates of the Olympic Winter Games and World Championships in St. Moritz.

Druid Stone

Greetings from Getafix: Located above the start of the bobsleigh run, this stone, one of the mighty granite blocks resting on three smaller stones, takes you back to the first century BC, to a time when Druids were the
religious leaders of the Celts.


This fountain, which is part of the stonework in front of the Kulm Hotel, was constructed in memory of Count Jules de Bylandt, who died February 18th, 1907 on the Cresta Run.

The free fall

The start of the men’s downhill at the Alpine World Ski Championships in 2003 and 2017. With an incline of 100%, athletes accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.

The cresta rider

This life-size bronze sculpture of a Cresta rider by David Wynne is a gift from the St. Moritz Tobogganing Club to the community for its 100-year anniversary. You can find it across from the Kulm Hotel.

Olympic Stone

During the two Winter Olympics St. Moritz hosted in 1928 and 1948, the town was the epicentre of winter sports. As a reminder of these pioneering achievements, all medal winners of these two Olympic games are immortalized in the Olympic Stone on the Plazza Paracelsus.

La bellezza liberata dalla materia

This monument by Leonardo Bistolfi was created for Giovanni Segantini’s grave and is now at the entrance of the Segantini Museum to welcome visitors.


Follow the footsteps of Segantini on this beautiful nature trail that takes you through six stations from Hotel Soldanella to Via Somplaz with picture boards where you will learn interesting facts about this artist and his work.

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