Round Flights & Airtaxi

Flight Experiences in the Engadin Sky

A bird's eye view of the Engadin mountains - helicopter, paraglider, sailplane.

The imposing mountain scenery of the Upper Engadin with its snow-covered peaks, glaciers, rugged cliffs, extensive forests and the enchanting lake landscape exerts a great fascination - especially when we experience it up close from a bird's eye view. This is possible on a helicopter tour or on a tandem flight with a paraglider or glider. Take off from the highest airfield in Europe or from one of the surrounding mountain peaks.


From the heliport at Engadin Airport near Samedan, sightseeing flights around the Bernina massif, VIP and taxi flights can be booked.

Round Flights

On the sightseeing flights in the Engadin sky you will experience the fascinating natural landscape from a bird's eye view. The helicopter brings you very close to the mighty ice and snow mountains of the Bernina region. There is space for 4-5 passengers in a helicopter. Various flight routes are available. Price from CHF 150 per person.


From the heliport in St. Moritz Bad or from Samedan airfield directly to Piz Corvatsch or to Fuorcla Grischa on Piz Nair. The helicopter flies winter sports enthusiasts directly to the ski area or to heliski in another Swiss ski region.

VIP- & Taxi Flights

The direct way to your destination: with the national and international taxi flights you can get quickly and comfortably to the World Economic Forum in Davos, to a meeting in Milan or for a weekend trip to Venice. Prices and destinations on request.

Information & Bookings

Plazza Aviatica 4, 7503 Samedan
T +41 81 851 18 18

Plazza Aviatica 4, 7503 Samedan
T +41 81 852 35 35

Paragliding Tandem flights

Floating silently through the air ... You don't need any previous experience for a tandem flight, just a bit of courage. You will be rewarded with an overwhelming experience.

While the experienced pilot calmly unfolds the glider, nervousness slowly begins to rise. But you can safely leave the control to the expert and concentrate entirely on the enjoyment and thrill of the flight. Depending on the weather and season, paragliding passenger flights depart from Muottas Muragl, Alp Languard, Corviglia, Diavolezza or Corvatsch. Prerequisites are a normal physical condition and a body weight of 30 kg or more. Price from CHF 200 incl. documentation.

Information & Bookings

Plauns 13, 7504 Pontresina
T +41 81 842 66 66 

Via Tinus 11 4, 7500 St. Moritz
T +41 81 852 35 35

Glider Passenger Flights

The flight as a passenger in a glider is literally breathtaking - because of the unique landscape and because of the prevailing centrifugal forces.

The long tradition of glider operations at Engadin Airport dates back to 1934. As gliders need a lot of thermals, they fly mainly on nice days in the summer months from around
1 pm. Number of participants per flight: one person. The exact take-off and flight time depends on the availability of pilots, the updraught and the current weather conditions. Registration must be made at least one day in advance. Price for half an hour from CHF 160.

Information & Bookings

Plazza Aviatica 2, 7503 Samedan
T +41 81 851 08 51

Engadin Sky

Thanks to Engadin Sky, you can experience the mountain world of the Engadin in free fall in spring - also as a tandem jump.

For a fortnight a year, a drop zone is created above Samedan Airport, allowing skydives in the sky above the Engadine mountains. The event is organised by Skydive Luzern, a licensed parachute school. EngadinSky also offers tandem jumps and passenger flights for interested people with no previous experience. During the event, there will also be daily jumping operations for licensed skydivers.

Information & Bookings

Plazza Aviatica 2, 7503 Samedan
T +41 41 930 24 24

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