Bathazar Downtown

Balthazar Downtown presents itself this year in a new guise and with a new chef. Paco Morales' avant-garde cuisine has its roots in Moorish culture, and the young chef is considered one of the most progressive representatives of the Spanish gastronomic scene.

His dishes are the evolution of the great Moorish heritage of his hometown, Cordoba. In his restaurant Noor (2 Michelin stars), Morales has traced the evolution of Andalusian cuisine over the past four years. In his words, it is a journey «that looks back but goes forward». His cuisine is based on old Arab dishes from the 10th century, and Morales also only uses ingredients that were already known at that time. In the exciting décor of Balthazar Downtown, among other things, three menu sequences of this inspiring culinary art can be tasted.

Short Facts

  • Andalusian avant-garde cuisine
  • Based on ancient Moorish recipes
  • Main restaurant Noor 2 Michelin stars
  • Tastefully luxurious décor
  • Culinary experience at Guccis
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