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This young gallery exhibits a multifaceted program of local and international art. The gallery owners arrange the displays to present visitors with a unique visual experience. St. Moritz was chosen as a location because of its artistic and cultural associations – one just needs to think of names such as Giacometti, Segantini or Nietzsche.

Max Zuber was a gifted artist. He was not “a child of sadness”. If art is supposed to reflect the soul, then this is the consistent explosion of color on canvas, the reflection of Max Zuber's subtle cleverness and infectious joie de vivre. He lived as he worked: colorful, positive, and full of humor.

As a sculptor, Uwe Karlsen works with very different materials such as ceramics, bronze, steel and concrete. He uses their specific powers intuitively and purposefully to make archaic themes of life visible and comprehensible to us all. Through his unusual use of classic analog photography techniques, he also expands our perception of the world, both of nature itself and of his own sculptural works.

South-African born photographer Zak van Biljon finds inspiration for his work in the complex relationship between humans and nature. He explores a variety of themes ranging from notions of reality and perception to the interplay between nature, humanity, urbanity and art. Most importantly, he challenges our universal understanding of the natural world. As a master of the infrared photographic technique, van Biljon creates lustrous, alluring effects in his photographs that surpass the conveyance of an aesthetic perception of nature.

Fluri is an artist of light, nature and fantasy. He is fascinated by light moods, the extended level of perception of reflective surfaces and the mirroring environment. In his paintings, which are more vividly composed than photographs, he creates an exciting, ideal "new reality".

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