Atelier Giada Bianchi

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Atelier Giada Bianchi
Via Aruons 17
7500, St. Moritz
Monday to Friday: open10:00 - 11:3014:00 - 15:30
Saturday to Sunday: closed

Giada Bianchi was born in 1974 in Lugano. After attending art college, she worked as an interior designer, then as the editor of the social media network of a magazine. The desire to create a place where individuals can express themselves in their own surroundings – not for or against anything – but just to voice their own thoughts and ideas, grew out of the realisation that in the age of digital communication, it is increasingly difficult to listen to and to properly communicate new ideas.

This situation gave rise to the “Narrative Art“ project, which is based on personal experiences conveyed through voice messages. The artist transforms these soundtracks into traces of imagery whose final design represents an instantaneous encounter, a presence that is welcomed and met with acceptance – a kind of biography of humanity.

The artist moved to the Engadine in 2017. Since then, her studio has buzzed, lived and grown. An impressive collection of colourful, playful images with great positive energy has evolved.

Inspiration comes from various cultural figures including Vito Mancuso, Byung-Chul Han, François Cheng, Miguel Benasayag, James Hillman, Simone Weil and Hermann Hesse, as from well as the alpine scenery and the overarching sky.

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