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Forum Paracelsus

At the Forum Paracelsus, spa culture can be discovered at audio stations and via touch screens. While you taste the water from St. Moritz’s acidulous spring from the drinking fountain, you can visit the Mauritius spring tapping from the Bronze Age in the heart of the museum.

With their iron-rich soda water, the healing springs of St. Moritz became famous and appreciated across borders under Pope Leo X and the naturopath Paracelsus in the Middle Ages. With the MTZ Heilbad St. Moritz, a medical-therapeutic spa still offers holistic therapy forms today.

In the associated Forum Paracelsus, the history of the St. Moritz healing springs is vividly conveyed using audio stations and touchscreens. A drinking fountain allows you to taste St. Moritz’s acidulous spring water. The fascinating centrepiece of the museum is the Mauritius spring tapping, which dates back to the Bronze Age.

Spa culture and broader culture are preserved in the forum. A home for Paracelsus: In addition to concerts and readings, workshops are also held here; the building can be booked for events. In this architecturally and acoustically unique ambience, events, exhibitions, celebrations, and festivals become a unique overall experience for partners, clients, and guests.

Opening hours Daily from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.


  • Open to the public
  • Guided tour on request

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