"VISION" - Video presentation: Part 2 "The great silence"


21 September 2024

20:00 - 21:30
Plazza Paracelsus 2, St. Moritz
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The vision is a pictorial journey of the soul that documents a change in consciousness in line with the current zeitgeist. With my art I want to touch people's hearts, to feel the scent of eternity in the pictures and texts.

Hedi-Maria Bauder - Video presentations: The entire work was created over the last 40 years from an inner call of my soul. The wonderful energy of this valley - the Engadin and the village of Bever - gave me silence and inspiration. To this day, the daily practice of meditation forms the foundation for being open and receiving inexhaustible strength and creations. strength and creations. The oldest house in Bever - Chesin 33, which I live in, gives me a sense of grounding and security. From this I recognise a mosaic, where stone after stone has been lined up to the present day - and I feel deep gratitude. I feel deep gratitude. In order to bring people closer to my visionary work, we decided to create videos to complement my art book. videos to complement my art book. The result is 5 parts, each one hour long - supplemented with binaural music by Moritz Schneider. music by Moritz Schneider. This fulfils my heartfelt wish to offer video presentations in as many places as possible.

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