Through the house! - Guided tour for children at the Museum Engiadinais


05 April 2023

Museum Engiadinais, Via dal Bagn 39, St. Moritz

Why are the windows and doors in an Engadine house so small? What was the purpose of the staircase behind the stove? And what kitchen utensils were there in the past?

Our cultural educators will take your family on a journey of discovery through the exhibitions at the Museum Engiadinais. In a playful and age-appropriate way, the children get to know different objects and learn a lot of interesting facts about them.

Using detailed photographs, the children (accompanied by adults) set out to find the corresponding exhibits in the museum - an ideal game for those who love discovery and are curious.

The children´s tours are aimed at children from 4 to 12 years of age. Two children are allowed per accompanying adult. An accompanying adult is required.

Special price for children: CHF 6.00
Reduced admission price per accompanying adult: CHF 10.00

Registration (required) at or via the Experience Shop Engadin.

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