Race for the Cure Swiss


09 August 2024

Ludains Area, St. Moritz

Every year, there is a run (4,3 km jogging or walking) around the lake of St. Moritz in memory of Cristina Cavalli, the founder.

She died in 2021 of breast cancer and left us her legacy to improve breast cancer treatment in the Engadin, the south valleys and Ticino and to motivate people to move.

This year, the revenues of the race and other donations go to a nurse from Engadin to cover expenses for her two year post graduate “Breast Care Nurse” course. What is a Breast Care Nurse and why the Engadin needs one? These are nurses who complete a 2-year postgraduate education. They accompany the patient from the diagnosis of “Breast Cancer” (as of today, every 8th woman in Switzerland suffers from breast cancer) to the different specialists and answer questions such as: Where do I find a fashionable wig in the case of hair loss due to chemotherapy, how can I explain my 4-year old toddler that mummy is often tired.. Our future Breast Care Nurse is an native und speaks all the 3 languages (German, Italian, and the local language Romantsch Grischun) of the Engadin and its 3 side valleys. To express themselves in their native language provides confidence and breaks down barriers. Prior to the run, at 4 pm, there will be (bad weather excluded) a free Yoga lesson with SOL CAROU (https://yogaloftengadin.ch/) on the meadow in the starting area. After the course, we will meet to enjoy “Pizzoccheri” (local speciality) and beverages. Everybody is welcome. No age limitations. Bring your family and friends along.

Onsite registration possible up to and including 9 August 2024.

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