Open Doors Engadin - Riding Hall


29 June 2024

10:00 - 18:00

30 June 2024

10:00 - 18:00
Reithalle, Via Ludains 1, St. Moritz

Architecture walk - open doors in the Engadin and Bergell

The riding hall was built in 1910 by Nicolaus Hartmann Jr. for the riding section of the St. Moritz racing club. The hall was constructed using curved wooden beams glued in layers using the "Hetzer system". This was a new type of construction at the time, which enabled the large spans of the column-free hall. The construction could not meet the static requirements of the alpine region from the outset and therefore had to be reinforced several times. The hall was supplemented with stables, but lost its original significance over the years. The location on the lake became less and less suitable for equestrian sports. In 1990, the municipality took over the riding hall from the St. Moritz spa association, and riding operations were discontinued in 2013. The riding hall, now a cultural object worthy of municipal protection, cannot continue to be used for safety reasons. However, it is soon to be given a new, year-round use that is open to the public. The spatial uniqueness of the hall and the exceptional acoustics and privileged location on Lake St. Moritz speak for this.

Viewing only from outside with information board.

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